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Capitalize on your personal strengths to make a difference… because relationships matter.

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Know Yourself
Understand Others

Capitalize on your personal
strengths to make a difference… because relationships matter.

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What is MyHardWired™?

MyHardWired™ is a revolutionary behavioral profiling system that enables you to:

  • Know yourself
  • Understand others
  • Relate and Communicate
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  • Comprehensive behavioral profile
  • Individual summary and detailed reports
  • Easy to understand profiles highlighting 4 Traits displayed in 3 Dimensions

  • Team Sheets™ group composite report for organizational team building

What we offer

MyHardWired™ delivers personal development assessments
online, using a range of smart new reports and communication
tools that address specifically those issues all businesses experience.


A perfect solution for those who want to improve their communication and enhance their relationships.

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Implement MyHardWired™ organizationally to enhance team effectiveness resulting in team alignment.

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Take your team to the next level with the help of a MyHardWired™ consultant guiding you and/or your team.

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Personal/professional development, team building and coaching for individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries.

HardWired™ for Individuals

Our profiles give you a better understanding of yourself. As you apply what you learn, you will discover why these things are important for becoming a more effective leader, spouse or parent.

  • Easy to understand reports explain what you prefer, expect and your motivations.
  • Predicts your behavior when under stress and offers identity in changing environments.

HardWired™ for Organizations

When the dynamics of the entire enterprise rests in the performance and behavior of each team member, MyHardWired™ provides a common leadership language organizationally.

  • Provides team building algorithm for clarity in leading teams using a composite team summary chart.

  • Proven instrument over thousands of profiles that assists in interpersonal conflict resolution.