HardWired™ Coaching

Work with expert consultants for customized leadership development and team building workshops

Coaching Options

  • The Leader’s Challenge – This 3 day workshop for senior leaders and leadership teams provides the scaffolding on which strong leaders build effective teams.

  • The Emerging Leader’s Series – Customized leadership development for managers and supervisors. This program helps instill effective communication, productive conflict resolution and deeper understanding between supervisors and those they manage.

  • The Team Charter – An off-site (or virtual) workshop creating a Team Charter that defines the purpose of the team, how it will work and expected outcomes. It is a “roadmap” that the team and its sponsors create at the beginning of the journey to make sure that all involved are clear about where they’re heading, and to give direction when times get tough.

  • Remote coaching – For virtual teams and those affected by Covid-19, we offer remote coaching an an option to lauch your team.