Unlike most assessments, which are static reports that require a trained consultant to interpret, MyHardWired.com is a live site. We are developing and adding new tools on a regular basis to include industry-first tools available, such as online audio interpretation of Personal Reports. We also plan to post regular articles and updates with email alerts to those whose wiring fits the update.

The MyHardWired™ Personal Report gives insights into what makes people tick, what motivates them, how they deal with stress, how they prefer people to talk to them and what jobs and activities they like most or find frustrating. The report explains what you need, expect and most enjoy, based on the answers you choose in the MyHardWired™ assessment. With that knowledge, you can meet other people’s needs and expectations much more effectively while improving communications and developing stronger relationships.

Does my profile change over time?

People can certainly change their behaviors, but research has shown that the MyHardWiredTM testing method measures enduring traits that remain stable over time. Your age, education, gender, race and religion don’t affect the report. The MyHardWiredTM Personal report doesn’t measure your intelligence, confidence or moral character. This behavioral tool is grounded upon your responses based upon life experience and is proven to have an overall 70% test-retest correlation over time.