How many of you remember when your 9th grade science teacher asked the class: “what does it mean to be right-brained ?” And of course, you answered, “oh, they are left-handed!” There is something to be said about brain function and “handedness”, however my intention today is to directly correlate human behavior to the individual’s dominate brain function. There is one thing that I know for sure…your behavior is directly affected by your reactions and definitely correlates to which side of the brain is dominate.

Let me take you for a spin around the functions of the human brain. Think of the brain as being divided into four quadrants. In fact, here is a great diagram to study:

Generally speaking, the left side of the brain tends to control many aspects of language and logic, while the right side tends to handle spatial information, visual comprehension and emotions.

Now, let me direct your attention to the MyHardWired™results that you have experienced. We call the brain associated functions, “traits”, and classify them by color:

As you enjoy your MyHardWired™, think on the impact your “brain function” has on your behavior and focus on the strengths that your profile offers. When the “colors” are solid, you are dominantly predisposed to behave as the charts report.

Stay tuned for more insight regarding your MyHardWired™ as there is a lot more for you to discover in this one insightful reporting result.