In over fifty years of leadership experience, it has been my observation that the key ingredient in a leader’s portfolio has proven to be the writing of a Personal Leadership Philosophy. In the creation of this philosophy, it is vital for an individual to understand him/herself. Across all walks of life and industrial sectors, from the executive suite to the shop floor, the key in succeeding is self-awareness.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, a senior executive stated:

“Enhancing self-awareness is a key to personal development. It is critical to first recognize the behaviors you are trying to change. If you can identify it; you can improve it!” R. Hilliard, MBA

Introducing a fool proof behavioral assessment that will make a major contribution to your becoming more self-aware. The MyHardWired™ behavioral assessment has been recognized internationally as the ideal assessment tool in predicting exactly what makes you tick. Consider your “A” game. What does that look like? How do you react when your day is going great? That is called your “preferred style”. And then, as stress and obstacles begin to bog down your day, you down-shift and respond and communicate in a backup mode we describe as your “expectations”. Finally, there will be times when you are stressed out, backed into a corner or dealing with a personal trust issue. The MyHardWired™ assessment has the capacity to forecast what motivates you during these trying times and refers to this category as “instinctive mode”.

In your quest to become a much more effective leader, focus on self-awareness! Take this challenge and login to and learn how the MyHardWired™ behavioral assessment can launch your effectiveness to a much higher level. We look forward to enjoying this endeavor with you.