Looking for a personality profiling system that “tells it like it is? Not just who you prefer to be? MyHardwired™ is a unique, three-dimensional profile that exceeds the revelation of Meyers-Briggs and DiSC. Online in 15 minutes!

What does MyHardWired™ provide?

MyHardwired™ is a personal development assessment system which enables individuals and teams to improve their quality of relationship and business effectiveness. MyHardwired™ profiles describe how individuals prefer to respond to problems, people, work situations, tasks, interactions, urgencies and procedures. These all make it an ideal choice to improve management and leadership skills, unity of effort and business performance. Minutes after completing your personal MyHardwired™ profile you receive a set of easy to understand reports and smart communication tools. Approved company administrators or coaches have library access to MyHardwired™ profiles so interactive development training can begin immediately.

MyHardwired™ is superior to Meyers Briggs in both accuracy and ease of use. For example, Meyers’ behavior models are usually represented by a combination of letters whereas MyHardwired™ modern technology employs a four-color system. This simplifies reading, understanding and applying your personalized profile.